Timothy Trudeau

CEO at SyntaxCreative

Timothy Trudeau
Timothy J. Trudeau began his professional journey in the music business in 1997. Since then, he's produced for GRAMMY-awarded artists, designed Stellar-nominated artwork, ran a label with Dove-nominated artists and started a distribution company with clients who’ve won all three.

As the CEO of Syntax Creative — a digital distribution and marketing company boasting the exclusive worldwide rights to over 70,000 songs — he has the pleasure of working with over 130 record labels and countless talented artists.

He's also negotiated direct deals with the largest companies in the world, including Apple, Microsoft, Google and Amazon.

Trudeau’s ability to adapt and predict trends has led to him being cited by CNN, Washington Post, ABC News, People, US News & World Report, Business Insider, Billboard, Yahoo News and NPR.

As a sought-after thought leader, he’s spoken at conferences such as Music Biz, Americana Music Festival, Urban Network, Long Beach Film Festival, Immerse, Flavor Fest, Legacy Conference, San Diego Music Thing and All Eyes On Me.

Takes part in

Jun, 17 2:00 PM PDT
Big Ideas Stage
Panel Discussion

Record Labels in the New Music Economy

  • IPO: how to take the maximum out of the music industry at its peak
  • Are label deals the only path to becoming a global superstar
  • Navigating the turbulent ecosystem: how do record companies keep their power position in the music industry
  • Breaking the US dominance: are labels’ doors open for everyone