Michael Hendrix

Co-Founder at The Open Music Initiative, Global Design Director at IDEO, Co-Author at Two Beats Ahead

Michael Hendrix

R. Michael Hendrix is a Partner and the Global Design Director at innovation and design consultancy, IDEO. He also is an Assistant Professor of Music Business at Berklee College of Music and the co-author of "Two Beats Ahead: What Musical Minds Teach Us About Innovation."

Takes part in

Jun, 17 1:20 PM PDT
Visionary Stage
Panel Discussion

NFTs: Unlocking the Benefits of Direct Investment

  • Music as an accessible asset: securing uninterrupted income for independent artists
  • NFTs: how your fans can become your investors
  • Intellectual property and NFTs: how blockchain changes the future of music distribution
  • Non-fungible tokens: an over-evaluated or an under-evaluated investment