Josh Katz

CEO of YellowHeart

Josh Katz

Josh is the Founder of El Media Group (EMG). Established in 2005, EMG is the premier subscription music provider for business, servicing over 5000 of the premier luxury brands in hospitality, food and beverage, airports, casinos and retail. El Media Group was sold to Searchlight Capital Partners in 2017.

Josh is also the Co-Founder of Hospitality Audio. Established in 2010, Hospitality Audio services most of the top names in hospitality (NOBU, Four Seasons Hotels, Ian Schrager Hotels, Hilton, Marriott, Tao Group) with the design and installation of audio system, video systems and technology solutions.

From 1996 - 2004 Josh worked within the music industry spending time at Arista Records, Jive Records and BMG Entertainment. Josh was responsible and assisted in the launch, development and marketing for many of the biggest stars in music today. Artists include Britney Spears, Buddy Guy, R. Kelly, Gwen Stefani / No Doubt and many more.

Takes part in

Jun, 17 1:20 PM PDT
Visionary Stage
Panel Discussion

NFTs: Unlocking the Benefits of Direct Investment

  • Music as an accessible asset: securing uninterrupted income for independent artists
  • NFTs: how your fans can become your investors
  • Intellectual property and NFTs: how blockchain changes the future of music distribution
  • Non-fungible tokens: an over-evaluated or an under-evaluated investment