Alex Roberts

CEO at Hurricane Music Group, Inc

Hurricane Music Group, Inc
Alex Roberts

Alex Roberts founded Hurricane Music Group in 1997, after leaving the corporate mold of your typical industry Record Label he had worked within that arena since 1980. With plans to sign re-known acts from what would be HMG's competition (other major & imprint labels) due to them not being happy with their existing deal, whilst also seeking new-found talent worthy of developing. He soon found himself basically right back where he started. It was then he decided to build upon a new project like non other in this world to date. Due to the early stages he is happy to share this information with anyone after signing an NDA for obvious reasons.

 "With the over saturated viral platforms of countless websites for artists to share their hard work, there are still hundreds of thousands of worthy artists, many potential superstars that deserve to be heard, unfortunately they may never get that chance. When I came across Djooky and saw who one of its co-founders were, there is no way I was going to lay low on this opportunity. To be clear to all, I have Not been endorsed or compensated to make such a statement."

Takes part in

Jun, 18 12:00 PM PDT
Big Ideas Stage