Sean Sullivan

SVP Technology at Beatport Group

Sean Sullivan

As SVP of Technology, Sean Sullivan leads Beatport's product and technology development in a rapidly evolving marketplace for DJs, producers, and record labels. In his previous role as VP of Engineering at Pulselocker, Inc. (acquired by Beatport) Sean led the efforts to create the world's first secure content delivery platform that brings on-demand music services into the DJ booth.

Being a DJ himself since 1999, Sean brings a deep understanding into the intersection of technology and digital content for DJs, producers, and suppliers with the goal of empowering users and solving the music industry challenges in a complex global marketplace.

Takes part in

Jun, 18 1:20 PM PDT
Visionary Stage
Panel Discussion

Emerging Music Finance Technologies as the Industry Game-Changer

  • Technology for independent artists: leveraging innovation for better cash flow
  • How blockchain-based technology is turning music into a high-paying investment
  • AI in the music industry: what makes it the hot spot for investors
  • How companies are using technology to manage data and increase capitalization