Darryl Hurs

Market Development Canada at CD Baby

CD Baby
Darryl Hurs

Darryl Hurs (CD Baby / Indie Week) has a 25+ year history in the music business including launching and running one of Canada’s largest emerging artist showcase festival/conferences, Indie Week Canada (Nov 9-13, 2021). Darryl currently is the director of market development in Canada for CD Baby.

Past positions include graphic design and event branding for,Live Nation, which included re-branding / logo design for Live Nation, launching vipnation.com and various marketing materials for artists such as Madonna, U2, Nickelback,. Other previous positions held are artist manager, and venue booker.

Takes part in

Jun, 17 11:20 AM PDT
Visionary Stage
Panel Discussion

Streaming Platforms as an Emerging Source of Revenue

  • How the rise of streaming platforms is changing the global investment scene
  • Ensuring sustainable growth for streaming platforms — how to build resilience and drive revenues
  • New opportunities for streaming: how to find your niche in the industry
  • Will streaming platforms ever start signing artists