Panel Discussion

Music Investment in the Covid-19 Era: The Big Comeback

June 17, 2021 12:00 PM PDT BACK TO HOME

The recorded music industry is something we think of as defined and predictable. However, it is changing like never before. The shift in power, roles, and responsibility first spurred by the rapid rise of streaming and social media, gained even more momentum after the pandemic hit. The major trend is steadily moving from “artists signing label deals” to them releasing music independently & holding on to their IP rights. Meanwhile, publishers are on the hunt for master recordings, and the obsession around catalog investments progresses.

These processes are disrupting the norm faster than many (even the big players) can adapt.

Another question Covid-19 has brought up is when is the best time to release music in 2021? Many labels who have invested a lot of money into the artists' work are now postponing the releases, getting more and more hungry for live shows. One thing we know for sure is: once the pandemic is over and the touring is on, the competition is going to be fierce.

The speakers of the "Music Investment in the Covid-19 Era: The Big Comeback" panel will discuss the following topics: